Does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight? – Weight Loss Workout Planet Fitness

The simple answer is yes. It does. But the science behind it is even more compelling.

1. It Keeps You Fat Free.

If you’ve ever been tempted to add some sugar or a fat, but have to tell yourself “I can’t!” then you know how annoying it is. If you’re a man, a woman, or child of any age, you’ve experienced it firsthand. So imagine being told that eating sugar doesn’t make you fat, even though that’s the whole point. But the scientific consensus is that this sugar sugar doesn’t cause fat to be stored as fat instead of being burned for energy.

In fact, some experts say it keeps our bodies from storing fat. It’s true that consuming sugar directly can raise blood sugar, which increases the insulin production and fat storage rate. But the body’s ability to metabolize and metabolize fat is different than when we’re eating things like carbs, protein, or fat. While the sugar molecule doesn’t cause fat storage, the fat that’s in the bloodstream keeps you from burning some of it for energy.

2. It Makes You Healthy

You probably have it around here somewhere, but if not then you should check out the following infographic, which proves that, no, sugar isn’t the enemy. A study published in Journal of the American Medical Association found that if you eat an apple a day and exercise, you’ll end up with a healthier fat metabolism. In fact, it’s better for your insulin production — it has the same effect as taking insulin. Also, eating fruit may actually help with your weight loss because when it’s in your body it is broken down in the first place. Sugar may not make you fat but it does work against you losing weight. And don’t forget, there is so much fructose in the apple that you’ll still get enough energy from it. So, if it’s good for you, why do people still eat it?

3. It Keeps You Lean

This is one of the most surprising benefits of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar contains powerful antioxidants, and it helps to reduce body fat for up to four hours. And it will reduce weight loss by as much as 30%. Just for those of you who believe that vinegar only helps weight loss, keep in mind that even sugar actually increases fat storage.
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But for me, this study proved the more surprising one. If you have ever been the victim of an attack by an attacker and then started to sweat

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Does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight? – Weight Loss Workout Planet Fitness
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