Can iron pills make you lose weight? – Weight Loss Drink For Belly Fat In Telugu


The researchers measured blood sugar, exercise and diet in 675 adults who had received at least 10 iron-enriched pills in the past year. These were given by their doctor in what’s become a popular, inexpensive supplement.
GM Diet: My Experiments with the Truth – Dr AMIT KARKARE

Before the exercise regimen, the average-looking people with the pill pills gained 4.7 pounds, or just under 2½ pounds, over 15 weeks, while the control group gained 2.8 pounds, or just under 1½ pounds over 14 weeks. After the exercise, the pill groups gained just over 1 pound, or more than half a pound, while those in the control group dropped 3 pounds, or less than 0.5 pounds, over 10 weeks.

But, interestingly, the pill group did not lose any weight after exercising. And, there was no change in blood sugar or insulin levels.

“This is what scientists call an effect of long-term training on the body’s ability to respond to dietary change,” said lead author Matthew D. Roberts, professor of emergency medicine at Harvard Medical School. “This is very encouraging for those who are currently attempting to lose weight but also, more importantly, for those who don’t lose weight and may be interested in trying an iron-fortified beverage.”

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Can iron pills make you lose weight? – Weight Loss Drink For Belly Fat In Telugu
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