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Eggs are a food, not just a food to be taken. The fact is a portion of the health benefits are gained as you digest and metabolize the other nutrients. Most studies show that the benefits of egg consumption don’t depend upon whether or not the eggs are processed and cooked.

Eggs are good for you regardless of their source, but you should consult your personal dieting, weight loss and nutrition doctor to learn what works best for you.

What does the medical community agree on?

Image caption An image of the proposed new building will be printed on a ‘card stock’ surface

A new design for the proposed Olympic Park in north London has attracted public and media attention after the images were posted on social media.

The images show potential construction zones for a sports complex including a 200-metre diving pool, a 100m track and a 500-metre track for basketball.

The plans were revealed in the London 2012 bid documents for the stadium in Stratford-upon-Avon.

An image posted by the Guardian on Friday shows the proposed development is being printed on a “card stock” surface.

Image caption The image of the proposed new building was uploaded on Twitter by @guardian

In total three images showing five possible sites, on the eastern and western boundaries of the new Olympic Park were shown on Thursday.

Image caption A possible plan for the “card stock” surface for London’s Olympic stadium

One, from one of the pictures, clearly shows the site for a 400m diving pool.

It also shows the site for the track for basketball as seen in a second image. The images were posted by Londoners @london1 and @guardian, who each retweeted and reposted the image to their respective Twitter feeds.

Other social media users have described the images as “disturbing” as they appear to have a high likelihood of being the official bids for London 2012.

“I’m still not entirely convinced, but I certainly think I will be when I see this thing,” wrote @paulkurtz, another Guardian reader, on Twitter.

Image caption The images show locations for a 400m diving pool and an 800m track for basketball

The proposals outline several possible uses for the sports facility, including:

A 200-metre diving pool

Two “satellite events facilities” that would be built outside the traditional Olympic sites near the

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Can I lose weight by eating eggs only? – Golo Weight Loss Reviews Youtube Tv App
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