Can anemia cause weight loss? – Weight Loss Exercises At Home Full Body

Obesity, diabetes and certain diseases all have the same mechanisms of causing weight gain. Obesity, which is considered to be a public health crisis, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease (CHD). CHD can lead to increased death rates and reduced life expectancy [3]. Diabetes or diabetes in the absence of diabetes, anemia, hypovitaminosis D or anemia caused by a blood vessel enlargement (atherosclerosis) are also risk factors for CHD and stroke. In addition, it is thought that the obesity epidemic may lead to many cancers. A major factor that influences mortality has to do with the type of food we eat. In order to increase your chances of survival, you need to consider the type of foods that your body contains.

Foods With a High Glycemic Index Foods high in glycemic index, or GI, can increase your risk of diabetes and certain diseases. Glycemic index (GI) is defined as the portion of the food (in grams) that has a higher concentration of glucose. This is determined by the number of sugar units found per gram of sugar. Foods high in glycemic index include: Fruit

Flavored foods


Potato soup

Doughnuts and other low GI cereals


Mashed potatoes


Dried fruits





Salad dressings Foods with a low GI also have a risk of high blood pressure, anemia, hypovitaminosis D and other diseases. A high glycemic index can be caused by the following factors: Sugars

Carbonated drinks

Sugar-added sweeteners

High levels of dietary fiber

The lack of fiber may result from a diet low in fiber or lack of fiber may result because the body does not absorb the fiber normally [4]. As your body stores more fat, your risk for type 2 diabetes increases [2]. The low-carbohydrate diet that has been used for treating type 2 diabetes and improving metabolic health increases blood sugar level. When you consume a lot of carbohydrates, your body cannot use them efficiently so it must turn to other calories to meet its energy needs. Blood sugar rises when you eat high GI foods [5]. The increase in blood sugar is most obvious with foods like potato chips and sugar-sweetened drinks. Foods high in fat also give you a high glycemic index [1]. A small portion of a food is

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Can anemia cause weight loss? – Weight Loss Exercises At Home Full Body
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