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The answer depends on who you ask, and if you’re in a position to judge. To start, it sounds rather strange to have a face that’s full of fat – if it was like my skin you wouldn’t think much of it. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it’s a question. The simple answer is: yes, it does make a difference.

But not to say I want it. I don’t. Instead, the fat in my face can make eating gum a bit of an inconvenience. There’s no problem chewing gum.

A mouth that’s full of fat also might be sensitive to other factors that affect mouth health, such as salt and sugar.

So what’s the right size of mouth? How much is healthy? And at what point does it begin to make food taste better?

It’s a big topic, with some people thinking it’s very hard; others disagree completely.

My friend Paula, who lives in Denmark, has an answer with an almost religious devotion. In her opinion, if you think your face has too much fat, that’s your problem.

“It’s a fact that there’s too much fat around your face – your teeth and your jawline,” she says. “If you don’t fix that problem, you’re going to make your face look more unhealthy.”

“I say that if you have fat you will make other people’s faces look bigger.”

I agree that your face may look bigger than you are. We have to look at the bigger picture.

What you can eat

Paula has recently begun working out (something that helps your jawline to stay healthy). She also takes medication for gum disease, which keeps them from forming when the rest of her body is starving for fat. It doesn’t sound healthy but maybe the medication has something to do with it. Aged people may have higher levels of fat in the mouth that don’t have to be looked at.

So what’s the proper amount of fat? Paula’s idea is a quarter-cup – but there is a huge amount of fat in the rest of my mouth as well. At the same weight, my teeth are a quarter – and, as Paula says, it’s not unhealthy.

“I still think my mouth is normal, with the fat that’s there. I think most people don’t think that.”
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If I wanted to live happily with a quarter-cup of fat around my

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Can chewing gum reduce face fat? – Chadwick Bozeman Weight Loss 2019 Tracker 190
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