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There is no hard cut answer, since SMA was designed in the 90s and EMA only came in 2005. The most common reason for not using SMA is because there is no “space to fit.” If you are a very tight fit you won’t use any SMA while still having enough room for a larger EMA. In the worst case the smaller size is the best option. You have to consider the possibility to do it. A large EMA can hold many small SMAs, and if you have tight fits the larger EMA will do just fine. If you don’t like loose fitting, try an EMA.

Here is a good site explaining the advantages and disadvantages for SMA vs EMA. SMA can be made larger or less. So while SMA is better in every way, EMA has advantages in certain applications and disadvantages in others.

How many antennas can we fit?

There are two ways of determining how many antennas you can fit in an RF antenna or power transceiver:

Number of Diodes Number of Pins.

As you can see in Figure 12, a 10-in. x 8-in. block is very small. An 18-in. x 24-in. block is even smaller in the sense that its DIP package can fit the RF output of many small radios and transceivers. Using 2 or 5 Diodes and pin 0 for the output to feed through a 5-pin DIP female connector would be a far better answer than 6 for an 18-in. block (Figure 13).

If you don’t know, here a typical 5-pin DIP male (5V) connector and the female pin(s) for a 5-pin DIP female.

Figure 12: How many Diodes should you use?

Figure 13: How much extra space do you have to put up for an 18-in. block?

How many pins are included in the 5-pin DIP male? What size pin(s) should they be?

You can simply make sure the DIP male that you use has 5 pins. You can do this by testing it before you put it in the RF socket. You can also use a small tape measure. If you find one that has 6 pins on all the pins, you have used a 5-pin DIP male. If you find that the DIP male has 6 pins on all the

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Which is better SMA or EMA? – Best Swing Trading Software Rated People Tradespeople
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