Can you swing trade forex? – Best Penny Stocks For Swing Trading

Yes and No

Yes I love the idea of making a profit at the Forex market, but I am not very active in this field. Yes I have traded during the past 12 months with the highest volume and greatest returns, and in the past 12 months I am still doing very well. Yes I was able to successfully trade the past six months with the highest risk, but this was a unique opportunity in which I knew I could make a profit, so I would definitely try to get involved again.

What exchange has been the best for you?

At present, Mt GoX is most recommended due to their wide selection of currencies and low fees. Mt GoX’s margin structure is unique and a great value proposition. This will depend on your needs though.

What exchange has been the easiest for you to use?

The hardest exchange for me to use has been Vultr due to my strong affinity for BTC. However, Vultr has a fantastic balance sheet and their product is very smooth.

Do you find trading to be more profitable using a forex broker?

In my experience, yes, and I strongly recommend trading over brokers. In fact, I am now planning to move my trading to a broker myself due to my high risk tolerance!

How can people start trading Forex?

To invest in Forex, it is important to have a solid idea of what is trading. If you do not know what is trading, you will get discouraged very quickly.

Where do you currently place Forex trades or the highest volume Forex trades you have participated in?

My current position is primarily in Bitcoin/Altcoins.

Do you offer an active Trading Platform for customers to find the best opportunity?

Yes, I am looking into adding the Forex to my trading platform, I want more Forex traders than a “small” group.

How do you make money?
Forex SEFC Filter Swing Trading Strategy - Forex Trading ...

I make more money by being active in the Forex market!

Are they trading?

Yes, they do trade.

How do customers interact with you?

I don’t have a great way to communicate with customers. To be honest some people don’t respond back to my messages even though they do have interest in the Forex markets.

Is there a broker to sell Forex to?


How long have you traded Forex?

Over 15 years.


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Can you swing trade forex? – Best Penny Stocks For Swing Trading
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