What is a trader salary? – Swing Trading Stocks Picks

A trader salary is the annual salary for the job you have been hired as a trader! While every worker has different qualifications, the common elements in a trader salary will be:

– A high school diploma or equivalent

– A minimum of 3 years’ trading experience, or 3 months for junior-high level jobs

– A high school certificate of education

– Previous trading experience

– One to two years of full-time trade training

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– An annual salary of more than $100,000.

How to buy a trader salary

You can usually buy a trader salary with your savings account or a credit card, which usually only takes a few days to pay for. Your main source of trading profits is the fees that you have to pay each month. The amount you have to pay is calculated by multiplying the number of trades you have made for the month, by its gross volume. This will determine how much you have to pay each month. On the day before the month ends, pay all your transactions with your debit card using a cash withdrawal option which is available at most banks, and withdraw a maximum of $75,000 per month using your credit card. This ensures you keep an extra $20,000 in your account. To access your savings account, transfer your excess money directly to your savings account, but with a high interest rate!

The cost of buying a trader salary is $200 per month in a savings account, and is only around $40 when transferring from a credit card, or $50 when depositing via a money order.

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What is a trader salary? – Swing Trading Stocks Picks
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