How do people get rich trading stocks? – Swing Trading Strategy With High Return Pdf

And why?

What is a security?

Why would it be a good investment?

And how is it that people on Wall Street make money, while those on Main Street have no money?

The answer to all three questions is: by doing what most other people in the financial sector do.

For nearly four years, I was a Wall Street trader for Goldman Sachs. In that time, I saw many people with great financial talent, brilliant ideas, and amazing relationships. Yet, their jobs always seemed so dull. Instead of getting ahead, they were making lots of money, which turned out to be all they were good for. Eventually I got tired of making lots of money, so I quit.

Many years later, I had the chance to interview some of these great people at one of the top financial firms in New York. I had asked one of the great financial geniuses of the world, Jim Rogers, a few months before I quit, just what he thought about the world of finance vs. the world of work. His answer was as follows: “In the world of work you’re judged on whether you work and earn a nice, comfortable living.”

There is little difference on the surface.

In both the world of work and the world of finance, however, your life is about more than monetary pay. In both the world of work and the world of finance you are judged on whether or not you succeed at things—whether you make profits, whether you work hard enough, whether you can make more, and how long you can last in the job.

But what is true of finance, and therefore what I wish to share with you, is also true of life.

It’s about whether you can put yourself in places that can be fun and meaningful and healthy.

What makes life more fulfilling and beautiful when you start out with a steady job?

First, I want to give you tips to help you get a good first job. Then, I want to share two ways to turn bad jobs and bad situations into better ones.

1. Create a strong foundation

In the years of trading stocks, I learned a few things about trading:

You can make big profits when you have smart, hard, disciplined, hardworking traders on your team.

If you have experienced traders with the right temperament you can do well at trading, regardless of your ability. And then, you can make a lot of money if

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How do people get rich trading stocks? – Swing Trading Strategy With High Return Pdf
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