Can you make money scalping stocks? – Swing Trading Stocks To Watch

That’s an interesting question, and you’re asking the wrong question, which is, ‘Can you buy the market?’ So let me tell you, I cannot have you buying the S&P 500 because I’ve had great experiences with that and I really like it. But, I can buy a lot of assets at a discounted price-to-earnings ratio. I can buy a lot of assets at a margin of safety. I can buy the most expensive real estate in the world, if I want to, and I can do it in a way that my kids can do it in their lifetime, and my grandchildren can do it in their lifetime, and I hope that I can do it for my kids and my grandchildren.

And so I am going to build an investment portfolio and I’m going to make you an absolute bundle, you’re going to make billions of dollars out of doing that. So I’m going to do it for you and I’ll make you a bundle out of it and that’s just your answer to the very real question. Do you want to take part in the next great American bubble?
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It has been three weeks since the release of my book. Since then people have asked me for interviews, so I took an opportunity to schedule one with Tim Ferriss.

I’ve read all of his books, but this was the first time I had the chance to meet him face to face.

We exchanged some general notes, including the importance of writing your own content and thinking of what you want your own content to say. In addition to our thoughts on the topic, I inquired about the future plans of Tim and if he would be coming to my next event. After being asked two questions (the ones with “why me” and the ones with “why me” and “why me,” respectively), he sent me an email saying he’d be in town for the following week and would be up for a quick chat.

So I set up a meeting a couple days later at Tim’s place in San Francisco. We met up and I gave him one hour’s worth of answers he was expecting. Here’s my video interview from that date.

Now, this post is for people who are just starting out writing. If you have more experience than me, you might want to read something like my How To Write a Good Book post. If any of the following sections are too easy for you, skip on to the next. Here is a quick rundown of everything this post covers,

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Can you make money scalping stocks? – Swing Trading Stocks To Watch
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