Why are ukulele picks felt? – Ukulele Basic Chords Pdf

Cuts to the finger tips are meant to bring more play to the lower strings. And, as the finger tips are larger to fit between the fretboard and the fret-less bridge, they’re wider, providing a greater surface area to hit and therefore playing more softly.

We find that the extra width of the finger holes is particularly helpful when playing a sharp or sharp-looking bass. With the thin, curved finger tips, the playing is easier but still offers the possibility of skipping a whole string (or so it has been suggested).

Our “C” grade bass strings are very hard (C3) and made of the same nylon and stainless steel as basses normally use in the ’60s and ’70s. (The steel is still used for bass strings today.) These are available in all standard sizes, which means you can pick almost any size bass you have lying around.

Why are ukulele picks made so small?

One reason for the lower production of ukulele picks is that it’s hard to make them. Making a pick for a low-pitched instrument like a ukulele is really difficult, requiring a lot of skill and experience.

Because we don’t make it ourselves, we rely on our manufacturers to do the work — a process that can be lengthy. And, as we said above, we don’t make a lot of the ukulele picks themselves.

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How do ukulele picks fit on my instrument?

Our ukulele pick sizes and designs are designed with each instrument and the player in mind. That said, some of our picks are wider or narrower than others. In order to maintain a comfortable fit, we recommend you use the standard 1/2-in. size with your ukulele. Some ukulele types may be wider, some may be narrower. To use our ukulele picks on your instrument, you’ll need to use the standard or widest size available on the product page.

How big of an instrument can ukulele picks fit on?

We have not found it necessary to make ukulele pick sizes that are too wide — in fact, a wide ukulele has been made with slightly larger pick tips. However, you may find that you are playing more or less than you thought you were comfortable with.

The width of the finger hole on guitar or bass guitar picks is also another factor

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Why are ukulele picks felt? – Ukulele Basic Chords Pdf
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