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It should be at the 12th fret (or 10th fret).

For a few decades middle C never came on guitar. In the 1950s it was thought it was due to a shortage of tuners. More recently it was thought of as a fretting inconsistency that was caused by the body being too curved. No doubt the curved body shape has caused some problems, but they are caused by the shape of the frets, not by fretting inconsistencies.

For the first time in a century, a female headmistress of a Catholic school in Italy has been elected the country’s top teacher.

Lucia Martoni, who has been teaching at the school in the northern town of Brescia since September, beat out 22 other candidates, a representative from the school’s governing body revealed Tuesday. The vote was conducted after the results were published by the Brescia Diocesan Observer, a government institution that manages public education in the region.

In a Facebook post published Tuesday, Martoni thanked local representatives in the Italian Senate for their election support.

Last month, Martoni became the first woman to ever be appointed headmistress of a Catholic school in Italy as of December 2015. The only other female headmistress to hold that position was Marguerite Massa, who served during the reign of King Edward VIII from 1746 to 1761.

Her victory came one year after her predecessor was sacked after it emerged that she failed to report at least three crimes. Her departure led to calls from the opposition for the rector of the diocese of Cerveteri by that name, Francesca Martini, to also step down.

The Diocese of Cerveteri has not yet released the list of candidates who participated in Tuesday’s election.

Martoni, who hails from northern Italy, earned the nickname “The Lady of the Roaring Lombard” after a popular TV series in which she often played the role of a female villainous sidekick or ally in conflict. This role, which she has since rediscovered as a teacher, came to her through a close relationship with the late Father Massa, who was the spiritual director of the school. Massa was a noted proponent of female education.

But there is no doubt who will be more popular among her students than Martoni.

“I am sure I will be elected headmistress of the school by its students. I thank them, for they will make me very

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Where is middle C on a ukulele? – Just The Way You Are Ukulele
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