What kind of ukulele should I buy? – Best Way To Learn To Play The Ukulele Easy

I’m not sure if I’m buying a beginner, intermediate, or advanced ukulele. It’s hard to decide unless you look at the instruments themselves first, but the main things that make a beginner ukulele good are its size (a beginner has to go larger) and weight (a beginner needs to play on a small scale).

The weight is important because you have to play on something that will be in your hands all day long, not play on your instrument (as in a case like one that is too light). The small size also makes it possible to play on a smaller scale (e.g. 3rd scale) than some smaller and heavier ukuleles. Finally, a beginner ukulele is a perfect beginners instrument as it has very few strings (as compared to a 6 stringed ukulele).

But, what type of ukulele should I buy?

I would like to know what kind of ukulele you should take on a first ukulele experience, because it’s a very important choice. The main options you should consider are an instrument that is in the 7–8 strings range, a smaller ukulele that is in the 2 or 3 strings range, and an instrument that is in the 9–10 strings range.

I would recommend picking a 7–8 string ukulele with an instrument in the 10–12 strings range. The reason being, these ukuleles are smaller, lighter, and have more bass notes (the strings on the same string are closer together) than the larger ukuleles. A 5 stringed ukulele will be too heavy for a first ukulele, so it would be better for a player to choose a 2 or 3 string instrument with a similar weight and size.

In conclusion, I would recommend picking the ukulele that suits your needs the most, as you really can’t go wrong with an inexpensive beginner ukulele if you really pick the right ukulele.

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What kind of ukulele should I buy? – Best Way To Learn To Play The Ukulele Easy
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