Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – Tutorial Guitar Ukulele Chords

This is one of the most common questions we get when newbies try out picking.

The short answer: Yes! Pick with your pick.

The long answer: It really depends on the instrument you’re picking.

What we’re looking for here is a good pick. A good pick that will get your fingers on the strings quickly, but also give you better control of the strings so you can adjust them properly.

Pick tension will also affect the feel of the notes, as well as your picking accuracy, so having a set of picks that you like is worth the investment.

We’ve had some great luck with our “Easement” style picks. They have very little tension, but enough that we can make the pick play a little wider to hit the strings harder. By making the pick more forgiving, we can take full advantage of the strings and create full, full volume playing that will have you in stitches when you are trying to find that perfect note.

Instrument Pick Size and Tone

The length of your instrument pick will affect its tone and sound. When you pick hard, the wood will resonate. That resonance is a result of the tension, and when you make your pick softer, the wood will not vibrate.

If you go too hard too fast, the sound will be distorted, and be very shrill. And if you go too soft, the sound will be muddy, and will have a kind of “spoopy” tone to it.

On the other hand, if you are using strings that are too loose for you, the strings will vibrate so hard that your pick will break and ruin your fingers, which will ruin the sound as well.

As you can see, you can have a great pick with a big tone, or, it can have a great pick with a quiet tone.

As with any instrument, you want the pick to be easy to get on the strings, and hard to get off the strings. This will give you accurate performance and good quality sound.

If you start the pick too hard, you will get a muddy sound. If you start it too soft, your notes will be fuzzy. As you get better, you can get into the sweet spots of the note range – that’s when it will give you a great sound. This is why we use the “Easement” style of pick as it is easily adjustable and will have no problem with any tuning we use

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Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – Tutorial Guitar Ukulele Chords
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