Should I get a tenor or concert ukulele? – Ukulele Tuning

If you find yourself not being able to find a good ukulele that sounds great for the music, make an audition! There are dozens of instruments out there, and I’ve had some really amazing ukuleleists come in to audition. These guys will be so excited to play a uke for you.

Will a beginner’s guitar really take me anywhere?

Most beginner’s instruments are not great, but you always get an education here. Some players don’t need to break the neck. Some players use their guitar as a “real body” instrument and will need to do some work to get used to the neck. You may need to do some “practice” with the guitar with a strap. Some players think it is really awesome to use a strap on a guitar, but you’ll know by feel. I like to take my guitar to a shop and have them set up my strap with the tuner and the strings, and give me a thorough tune up.

How about strumming with my uke, the strings are pretty good, but is it hard to learn to strum with it?

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When playing the guitar ukulele, you’re strumming a lot more than most people think. Most people take out some strings, and then move up and down the fretboard, and then on to the rhythm and make a “step” in their playing. It’s like moving up a ladder. The harder you strum the more you feel comfortable on the fretboard. This is a big part of the learning process! The most important lesson is to find a rhythm and a way to get “up there” on the string. I know it feels like you’ve moved up one octave every time you strum with it, but you’re almost there! I’ve had some really cool ukulele students who were able to play really good on the uke. Even though the string tension and the sound is different, there’s a certain groove and feel you develop with it. So be patient and don’t let you be discouraged when you don’t feel like you “have a groove” in a few weeks. You don’t have a “right” rhythm, you will find your right rhythm and find a way to get up there.

What’s my best approach for learning guitar ukulele?

I’m more like a “learning to ski instructor” than a “learning to play guitar ukulele.” I don’t

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Should I get a tenor or concert ukulele? – Ukulele Tuning
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