Is saxophone harder than guitar? – How Hard Do You Strum A Ukulele


No. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a saxophone that hasn’t been used as a music-maker’s instrument. So, no. It will only add to the mystique. We’d think of it as an instrument in a jazz setting, in the sense that it’s played with people that are, in some way, a group for a certain purpose. It’s a musical instrument in an improvisation setting. It should not be a guitar!

The Jazz Guitar
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Which type of guitar can you learn the most?

I would say the acoustic and electric guitar. I think that it’s the most expressive type of guitar playing because it can sound a certain way with you or without you. I think in most cases, when you can’t play your way, you could try something else. I would say the acoustic guitar is more appropriate in terms of being a tool for improvisation, since the electric guitar, which you play on the road with a band that’s working on a lot of songs, is more suitable to just play through. When you play on the road with a group, you’re going to hear the songs the band’s been writing or that they have written, so you’ll have to learn a few new things. The electric guitar is a good tool for creating a new kind of music, which is much more expressive.

How did a jazz musician become interested in the guitar?

I’m not sure really. It was in high school that my friend Pete Rose was very interested in playing guitar. He didn’t just use it to be funny. He took it seriously, though. His teacher was a jazz guitar teacher who I believe that had to pass away sometime. A lot of his players were jazz guitarists. Pete thought it was pretty interesting to see how a band of players from one side of the country would play different styles, but I think he was looking for a way to teach his students that they could go out and play something different. So, he was doing the same thing with guitar lessons. He would tell his students, “If you play these chords, you’ll sound the same in different positions.”

How can an audience get to know you better if you do music on the road?

When a band goes on the road, they have to put aside and let their songs evolve. There’s no more of a pressure to stay with the same thing. Sometimes, when everyone is trying new things, it can be

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Is saxophone harder than guitar? – How Hard Do You Strum A Ukulele
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