Is Oud harder than guitar? – Sweet Home Alabama Ukulele

We’ve heard about that, but Oud is definitely more of a melody-based instrument.

The second is really about the fact that we’re making something that’s really about melody. And that it’s not just for rock and roll anymore. It’s also for country music and all kinds of music. And so, there’s just a huge amount of melody to it and that gives the song much more depth. In many ways, it makes it much more like a song from a big album. There’s much more detail that it does.

It also seems that Oud’s melody-based nature lends itself better to the live setting than the guitars, even for a lot of it. Is that part of it at all?

There are other things, but melody is just one of them. Also, the melodies also have to mesh with the rest of the music, because you can’t just put up a guitar and sing a lot of stuff to a keyboard. It just doesn’t work. So, to be able to take some of the simplicity of guitar and sing it through the keyboard—which in my opinion is what the songs are about—it kind of allows you to get that much more out of the song. That’s one of the reasons why we made ‘Luxury.’ It takes a lot of what we already have done and brings it into it.

Speaking of which, there’s one song that’s really an example of why you can do a lot with an EP—you can’t go wrong with two songs. But this one’s kind of crazy—how much do you like that song?

(Pauses) And yeah, it’s actually one of my favorites. One of the songs that I think was the most difficult to record because the dynamics between the vocals and the guitar and everything like that, and also the sound of the other instruments and all sorts of things. So when it was in the studio, like when we were recording in Nashville, that was a real struggle because all the instruments weren’t going right in the right places. So it was a real great pain in the ass.

But it was totally worth it. The song was in the mix for maybe, like, three weeks, and then I got the call: “All the guitars are sounding really good.” The entire time that the bass guitar has been playing and that rhythm synth was playing and I’ve got all these other things happening, it just goes right from the top to the bottom. Like

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Is Oud harder than guitar? – Sweet Home Alabama Ukulele
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