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Learning ukulele hard is an idea that has really made its way on the Internet. But it’s not just about ukulele lessons. It’s about music to your heart’s content, too. I’ve heard of people listening to something that’s been playing for 15 minutes and then suddenly stopping to think about it. Or thinking about something that’s been a thing for five years and now they want to take them apart and play them back.

How do you go about learning?

That depends on what your musical background is. Music learning can be difficult for people because they have a different musical taste. So if you’re going to study someone else’s music you might need an advanced degree. And I haven’t found there has to be a prerequisite for teaching someone in a music program. We can teach anyone. And we all have different taste. So it could be anyone.

What do you think should be in the curriculum of music education?

The general idea is that there’s a learning environment that needs to be created where people can learn. We have to encourage kids to explore and experiment with a lot of different things. So we need a range of music that they can try out.

So what should students listen to?

Music that is interesting to them. We should be encouraging kids to explore different genres and music styles. We should have different types of music and different kinds of bands to listen to. And we should have music from different cultural settings.

What do you believe needs to change in the curriculum?

We need more exposure to the music of Africa and Asia. We need more exposure to music at the local level so kids are exposed to the genres of music, so they can start making their own. We shouldn’t shy away from music at the local level because it can take off anywhere it’s heard, whether it’s in New York or Los Angeles.

Do you have an idea of how to create that exposure?

We need to be more creative with ways of doing research on local music. If we think a little bit more outside this box we could build up interest and appreciation for the music that comes from these countries. And that will encourage other kids to explore there too.

Ukulele Swing Trio 素敵なあなた~Bei mir bist du shon - YouTube
What’s your opinion on the future of music?

Well, I don’t really know. I’m not sure. I am sure in 50 years music will be something that’s seen as important. It will play a bigger role in our

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Is learning ukulele hard? – Can I Learn Ukulele Online
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