Is fingerpicking harder than strumming? – How To Learn Ukulele Tabs Riptide

I don’t believe it is more difficult in any way besides that people are more focused on the picking and the rhythm. It’s a totally different way of using your fingers. In fact, the way I play is very much like fingerpicking. It’s a way of fingerpicking, and I don’t believe that it is easier or harder or even different from strumming—I believe it’s just very different.

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You may have also heard that fingerpicking is a “style.” What exactly is a style?

It’s my preferred style and I really don’t see anything wrong with saying that. It’s totally up to me. I would never tell anyone that a style is the way I play.

The first time I heard what you were doing, you said the sound was “like the sound of a guitar and strings in that weird sound that’s got more guitar in it than strings.” Do you agree with that? Are you saying it is actually a guitar and strings sound?

I’ve actually seen two other musicians try to do the same thing to see if it is guitar and strings or strings mixed in. It’s the weirdest thing—it sounds like “pipes, guitar, and string.” It doesn’t sound like guitars or strings. It’s more like strings. And in that weird sound that was there, they got two tones and that gave them some good sound but they needed more harmonics in it like two more harmonics in there. That was when I knew it had to be strings.

That’s definitely interesting to hear, I hadn’t fully absorbed what was going on. How do you make the guitar sound like strings?

The whole thing is a combination of electronics and synthesizers and all that stuff. Basically all those things are mixing together with strings, making it sound like real strings. I think it’s interesting that people would assume that because it sounds like real strings, or the sound is like strings, it must be something else. So that’s why I say it’s not strings only.

Are you really thinking of playing guitar and strings simultaneously and are you using only one instrument at the same time?

It depends on what you want.

“It’s not strings only. I think it’s strings only.”

To play guitar as strings?

I mean I have played on strings. If that’s what you’re asking.

There’s a lot going on around you right now, it’s hard to

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Is fingerpicking harder than strumming? – How To Learn Ukulele Tabs Riptide
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