Is Bass easier than guitar? – Someone Like You Ukulele Chords

I would say it is much easier because the more chords you play the more potential you have to use them, it is just so much easier to have chords in your head. I am very lucky to be able to play guitar and bass very well because the chords are like a compass to my ear and i’m so used to the shape and shape of the guitar.

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How did you decide to make these guitar strings?

It was actually a question that my bass player asked me on a break in the last track and I had to say to him “yeah, i was thinking of making like this” when my bass player asked what the problem was with not using a pick. I was like “is it because of the fretboard?”, “no” is the first answer I had was “it is just not easy”. Then my bass player who was also a guitar player, suggested that i should use a pick but i thought about it and then said “the chords are so much easier to use” i didn’t want to just copy guitar but to try to make music and that’s why i decided that i should have these guitar strings.

What was your initial reaction when you found out about the ‘new’ bass strings?

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time because I thought maybe the new strings were more expensive. They seem to be more ‘faster’ so it was a nice surprise when the strings arrived and they were the same price as the old licks I started with. I can’t say how they are different because some of the things i used them for like the bass were so long ago now, so it is hard to compare it to the strings i use now. I guess you could say that the new neck string gives you less tension so you don’t feel like you are floating if you are over a fret. It is a bit tricky to play bass and guitar at the same time. One time i had a gig with my band and i was very happy because i felt i was really playing the right notes because they felt so much easier.

What are your plans for the new neck strings?

I have to decide quickly what I’m going to use for my current band because it was decided that i won’t be playing at the London music festival as I had to cancel my gig as my bass player is recovering from an operation on her neck so it was decided i was going to have a solo concert. I didn’t have enough strings so i decided to borrow

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Is Bass easier than guitar? – Someone Like You Ukulele Chords
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