What key do mezzo sopranos sing in? – How Can I Improve My Singing Voice

The whole thing’s really sad. It’s really sad about what the sopranos’ storyteller is going through. Like it’s very heartbreaking — just really heartbreaking. The way he writes it — like, he’s talking about himself in those lines that have that really sad, really painful quality; it’s very sad to me.

AVC: Was the part of the main character who was being talked about the most in this show, in particular?


CZ: She, as the main character, does have a huge emotional story. But she only gets it after she wakes up and she’s got her life to lead once again. I feel like if we were talking about what’s sad about this character and she were just a bit angrier than anything else, I’d feel that way about the character. I think that she does have a really sad backstory. She has two different lives behind her; in one place, she was in a really happy one that she could walk around in; for her, she lost it and her life went down the tubes. She’s back down in a lot of trouble. I actually find it kind of interesting that in her story, that she only gets this kind of sad, sad sad story about things that are happening right before, instead of this entire other story, in her life as a storyteller, and then she’s not even there. You have to see it on a bigger level that she’s doing her job in being an old man. I don’t think she’s really in a good place.

AVC: You’re not an old man.

CZ: No, but I’m very much an old man now.


AVC: It’s a really nice way of tying it up without having to deal with the actual ending. Is it fair to say that we don’t get to see, from a narrative, an ending?
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CZ: [Laughs.] No, there’s certainly not an ending, because we don’t ever really leave the past. That’s what we are doing when we go back and forth through this season, because the narrative of what the characters are doing—you just have to know that everything is going to work out the way that it should, for the sake of the plot. I think when they get to where they are in the season, or the past, then the narrative will reveal the actual finale. That’s really why you can’t say that you

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What key do mezzo sopranos sing in? – How Can I Improve My Singing Voice
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