What is a bravado in singing? – Can You Train Your Voice To Sing Better

One of the reasons why the singer-songwriters of the ’90s and early 2000s were able to break out was that they had good taste in music. They were creative, but not arrogant about it. It was an art form. You didn’t go out there with a bucket of music and just sing it. You gave it a lot of thought. You had to think about the music and how to interpret it. You weren’t there just to play your damn songs. It’s a different music — a music we were very lucky to be in.

What did it mean to you to see the success of the Super Bowl halftime show?

It was pretty exciting. We were on a first-name basis with the person who did it. We saw these three beautiful women [in the costume], and that was really exciting. That showed that a lot of people are interested in this kind of thing. Not just musicians or singers, but everyone. Maybe it was just because we just had such a huge audience for our work.

What’s ahead for Super Bowl 46?

For one thing, we want the game to run three times longer than in the past. If that means a full game — as most people realize — I’ve got a big one in me. For another thing, I want to get another song on the playlist for it — there’s so much music out there. If I want to take on a little bit more of a mainstream music, I’ll do it.

But I would never consider it a challenge if we didn’t play our game. The last thing on my mind is what people think. I just feel like you have to embrace the experience, regardless of the audience. There are some songs people love and they should hear. We’re not going to have to do that because we’re very popular. But there should be other opportunities to bring the song to the audience.

You’ve been vocal about Beyoncé’s role in this year’s show since it was announced. Do you have a response to the controversy over what you are asking to be paid as Super Bowl performers?

I think it’s hypocritical because they said on the Sunday before that they wanted the best dancers on the team. In my opinion, they want the best dancers on the team. Beyoncé’s involvement is more about making a statement. It’s not about making a dollar. I’m not going there to make a fortune; I’m going there to celebrate the fact that Beyoncé

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What is a bravado in singing? – Can You Train Your Voice To Sing Better
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