Can bad singers become good?

Why the “bad” singer phenomenon?

What the experts say about “Bad Songs”

The “bad” singers

How the ‘bad’ singer phenomenon began

What is bad singing — and why do some bad songs get so much attention?

It all started in 2009, when the first ‘Bad Songs’ album hit stores.

At the time, several bad song writers were out there doing their best to write bad songs using the same techniques — only this time they were using a lot more technology, including editing digital audio, editing computer software, working with a keyboard or synthesizer, to create fake vocals.

The results were great. Just take a look at what I did here, but it’s hard to keep your cool with the bad singers. You can’t believe what they’ve done or how they’ve done it, as these artists do things that are just not funny to do.

Let’s look at a couple of such artists that are out there and who got their start in the Bs or the Cs of writing music.

How to write bad songs — without a guitar or vocals

This song is the definition of awful — it has this bad tone to it and everything is overplaying the instrumentals (you should be hearing them in a classical jazz orchestra or in some kind of pop song) instead of the lyrics. Even though this song is not technically a bad song (at least not on its own), there are elements in this song that make it almost not. So what the hell is going on? The answer is in the first 5 minutes — you’ll see. Watch the video below:

Here is a video of my friend, the wonderful Paul Rieger, who writes beautiful music for video productions. He tells you what’s wrong with your song and gives you examples of how to fix it! I can’t find the video, but it’s on YouTube, and it’s worth a look.

In this video, Paul points out a few things that make the song bad — there is no rhythm in the music. Notice that he says that, and I’m right there with him! As a rhythm player, I’d find a way to improve some of these things! Check out the video to hear more!

A little note about the “good” song writers of these days

Here is a list of the top Bs or Cs singers in the world…

The Bs singers:

Can bad singers become good?
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