How do you sing nicely? – How To Start Singing Career

Just keep the lyrics flowing.

When he wants to tell you a story make him do it.

You will come across some pretty bad jokes, But if he wants to say one of them,

Tell him to try it.

Now as you see he was always a bit short,

And you had said nothing about it.

So he thought, “I wonder if I can put it better.”

He did not know it is just your voice and you too,

It is all in your head and your mouth.

Just keep your mouth moving all year round.

Now when he is bored with the words,

Just say something funny to make him laugh.

A funny story he will like.

You will find that you can dance all day too,

And you can sing just as well.

When he comes home he likes his bed a bit,

And the food’s better too.

Sometimes when all the other girls sing together,

He will try to imitate them,

And he can sing just like himself.

In winter he doesn’t like to leave the cold,

But it is still warm in spring and summer,

And all the children have good cheer.

When you’re alone at night, you will love the song,

But that same night you will be sad because of that man,

And you will sing with him with joy.

The same if he thinks of you,

And you are the same no matter how many years

Have passed since he has been away from you.

He knows you will never forget his song.

When there is a long drive

You always have a friend or somebody to help you,

And when you sit down to sleep in the morning,

Just remember, when you are dreaming,

You think of him too, and sing with him.

That same day in your dream you go walking home,

The sun is shining, and the trees are green,

The birds are singing high and loud.

They call your name, you sing with him.

If you are lonely he will never leave your side.

You will always be there, and he will always be there too,

So sing with him in all the morning and in all the late night,

And say his

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How do you sing nicely? – How To Start Singing Career
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