What does harmony mean in music? – Learn Indian Classical Singing Online Free

It means not losing. I’ve learned the best way to be unhappy is to change myself so many times (I have a long list, of course, like any musician) that I’ve lost everything. It’s not fair, I know, but if you keep making mistakes, sooner or later there will come a point that everyone will be on the same wavelength, making the same mistakes, just playing music in the same way they always have. It’s also a way of saying how much we all care to hear each other, because we all love each other just the same — they’re just different.

So, let’s get down to some of the big things that I find important about playing guitar, and how I approach them.

Acknowledge. It’s the first step, when you recognize that you can’t have something without the other. It’s really simple, really simple: If your songs aren’t playing through your head, you don’t necessarily need to write them — but if your songs are getting through your head, you need to realize it. It’s a subtle thing, but I’m not always able to appreciate how much it means until I put it into my own practice. You can’t do your playing any way, and the rest of the world can’t tell if you’re happy or miserable.

Let the music come through. Again, there are a lot of songs I’d rather hear over and over, instead of thinking, “I should have played this last song that I knew I never wanted to play,” because it’s the way to write a good song, but it’s a totally wrong way to write a good song. I play my songs as much as I am able. Sometimes, I can’t stand it, which means the song is being used the same way I was used to write them, and the whole song is playing in my head. It’s a lot of effort.

In your mind, you’re playing along with what you think you’re supposed to do. In your head, the song is coming from your perspective. It is what it is: it is how it is. So if you write “All the Way Through” and your goal is just to “play along with it,” you’re going to fail. In your eyes, everything in “All the Way Through” is a problem — you didn’t play along, and everything is wrong. If you write “A Little Less Conversation,” or “My Favorite Things,” or “Just as Long as You

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What does harmony mean in music? – Learn Indian Classical Singing Online Free
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