Is a contralto voice rare? – How To Learn Singing Notes Cliparts

A: There are very few of ’em.

Q: The only one that people seem to know is Jerry Hall in San Diego, don’t they?

A: I think most people would agree that that’s a very rare contralto.

Q: Is there a specific way that you learn to play a contralto?

A: I learn it from listening. I don’t know if you can make it a science.

Q: I was just talking to a woman who told me she can learn to play contralto by watching tapes of her friend’s voice.

A: I don’t know how that works, but I feel like it’s very special.

Q: You do think it’s a special instrument?

A: I do. It’s not really a voice that’s an instrument. It’s a way of speaking.

Q: How many contralto instruments are there?

A: My favorite is this one, an alto. I mean, we can learn other ones and some are better, but this is probably the best, to me, a really beautiful one I’ve ever heard.

Q: When you see someone playing a string instrument, do you tell them you’re a contralto player?

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A: Sometimes.

Q: Do you think people are just not interested in contralto music?

A: I hope not.

Q: I’m curious about the current popularity of contralto music.

A: It’s going to be very hard to make it go away. It seems to be really popular with singers, and maybe even some of the classical musicians, but I think it’s still in its infancy. That’s my opinion.

Q: So what do you think of it?

A: I think it’s going to be popular in that age group where kids go to classical concerts or listen to music in their own homes.

Q: Do you have any thoughts or ideas about what music should be, or should not be?

A: I think the only thing about music that can help is silence. I’ve never played my voice, so I don’t know what you actually mean by silence, but I guess silence is really hard to understand when it’s being spoken, so maybe silence is the best possible thing.

Q: What music would you say’s got to be free of anything that distract

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Is a contralto voice rare? – How To Learn Singing Notes Cliparts
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