Is a contralto voice rare? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing With Harmonium Songs Hindi

I don’t think there’s an argument that it should be rare.”

What are your musical influences?

“I’ve always been attracted to music that is more than just the individual note-form in isolation—the melody, the harmony, the arrangement. If you’re looking at a song as if you’re listening to someone sing, I think there’s a difference here. But even when I’m singing, even if I’m not really looking at the music it’s the lyrics that speak directly to me.”

What instruments are you interested in?

“I really appreciate the guitar and bass…especially the acoustic ones. I have a love for country music and I’m trying to learn other styles of music. I’m more interested in acoustic guitar. I like to play the way I want to play it.”
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How would you compare your style to that of modern classical musicians?

“I feel like I’m taking one step forward and two steps backward. I just have to keep working at it.”

As you know, the sound of a contralto voice is more or less the same as a real contralto, but how did you make it so realistic?

“I tried really hard. In a previous job I’d been in, I was involved with a few studio sessions where I tried to capture the sound of a real contralto. Sometimes I’d record a real one and then have another player play a simulated one. And I found these recordings really interesting, because some of the contralto players really don’t sound like they would at all in a live situation. They’re more than just the notes. I don’t like to record what I consider to be a contralto sound, I like to capture a real contralto sound. If you’re trying to create something real to you then that means you should be making a real contralto sound, not just a contralto playing it. If I was making a real contralto sound when I was recording that it should be there, but what happens is in the studio, I’d be playing the notes a second time which sounds like I’m not really playing them.”

What does your voice sound like to you when you start singing in pitch?

“It sounds like it’s being thrown out. I love how I go really slow and I’ll sing to something and it sounds like the whole room goes silent. All of a sudden it sounds like, ‘Oh,

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Is a contralto voice rare? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing With Harmonium Songs Hindi
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