Is a semitone a half step? – Good Songs To Learn Singing Psalms 119

A half step is a measurement that is divided by two, so if you think of the interval in half steps you see that -3/2 becomes -2/4 and so on. It’s used as a measure of a degree, from one to four. For example if you’ve ever heard that you have to use a three-beat pattern to play in G Minor or F Major. If you have a three-beat pattern in your head it’s a measure of four. In modern music, four is not that common, but 4/4 or 4/4 is. It’s a bit more common in Latin music.

I think you’ve just made a small mistake. The interval of a whole step is actually two whole steps. It’s not half a whole step. The same goes for the interval of a half step, two half steps. There’s another way to think of this as well. If all intervals were three half steps, the same would be said that all the half-steps sounded like the same note that sounded at the beginning of the song.

What’s a scale apart from the major scale?

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We’re already up to a couple of hundred notes now. To play music with less than a hundred notes is not unusual, but when we’re talking about major scales, which are all around us, the notes usually aren’t in every fret of the fretboard. And what is a major scale? What makes it different from all the others is that it’s divided into minor and dominant or minor triads. Some people refer to it as an “imperial” scale. There are three, or four, major triads, which is what we’ll talk about now.

Imperial scale can be used to represent any four or five notes, as each note has two thirds. So it’s more accurate to say that it’s a minor scale.

But, let me explain. What we’re about to learn is how to play some scales. We know that two thirds of a key usually represent one chord, a dominant chord, which is the key of the song. There are two thirds of a minor chord, a minor seventh, two thirds of an augmented chord, and so on. I’ll explain each minor chord, or how it’s played in the major scale.

Let me look more closely at those minor chords. Now you’ve probably heard of the major seventh chord. It’s the one that’s in most rock songs, in that it’s part

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Is a semitone a half step? – Good Songs To Learn Singing Psalms 119
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