Who’s richer Jay Z or Diddy? – Leap 2 Learn Rapid City Sd Seafood Restaurants

The $30m is a record-setting haul for a single artist. His $32m is a world record, eclipsing the $30m made by Queen’s David Bowie, by far the most-valuable song in the world. But who else is getting a bit of a pay-cheque? Check out our list of the top 15 biggest earners in Hip Hop.

1. Jay-Z (WWE, $25million)

2. Kim Kardashian (KATE, $29million)

3. Britney Spears (BABYMETAL, $35million)

4. Justin Timberlake (A&M, $36million)

5. Kanye West (KANYE WEST, $38million)

6. Beyoncé (INFINITE, $40million)

7. Drake (TYLER, $41million)

8. Beyonce (MIKAEL, $42million)

9. Chris Brown (PITB, $43million)

10. Rihanna (RICHARD, $47million)

11. Kanye West (KANYE WEST, $48million)

12. Drake (TYLER, $54million)

13. Beyonce (LUCY, $55million)

14. Drake (DJ DAMN, $56million)

15. Chris Brown (PITB, $62million)

If you’re a fan of the popular series The Sims 4, the studio behind the game has just released a new trailer which includes some new artwork from a new Sim.

What’s different about this new image is the way it’s presented – in a way which seems to indicate that we’ll see more of it, possibly sooner rather than later.

This image, which follows us back to The Sims 4: The Complete Seasons Pack is available to download. It starts out with you entering your home via the entrance of your SimCity.

With a familiar looking house, the house comes with a lot of furnishings.

For your Sims to enjoy a great life, you might want to bring some friends along. Check out these great sims you can build with their partners!

Have fun simming in City Folk!

And now for something a little different! The studio also mentioned on Twitter that the Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack, the The Sims 4: Seasons Pets Pack, will be available

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Who’s richer Jay Z or Diddy? – Leap 2 Learn Rapid City Sd Seafood Restaurants
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