What do rappers use for beats? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Remarks Sample

The easiest way to make a beat is to work on a beat with an engineer. You have to get them familiar with the sound, and then you have to come up with a beat that fits in the song. A lot of these people were already familiar with the system, so they just want to hear what he’s doing, and that’s the best part. It’s like making some sort of music. You don’t want to be too familiar with it. But if you’re a producer, you’re a producer, it’s really cool.

What would you say your contribution was to “Get My Mind Around”?

Well, the first verse is basically a melody, but I did that in four bars. As well as the chorus. As far as the chorus, when I started I had in mind something cool. And then I thought, fuck, let me put that in the chorus. Then I realized, it’s actually kinda cool that you can put any rhyme scheme in the chorus. So I kept adding to that, adding to the chorus. But at the end of “Get My Mind Around,” there are certain rhythms that I thought sound great, so I kept adding to them, that’s why I think my verses are still like that.

What do you think the message of “Get My Mind Around” is?

It’s just a hip-hop song. When I see it, I say it’s a hip-hop song. But it’s actually all about being yourself, because it’s really funny. At that point in my life as a rapper, I felt like I didn’t relate to anybody or have any connections to anything in the world. I just felt like I had this whole feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere and I was an alien. I wanted to create this experience where I felt like I belonged and could express myself, and to me that means I have to express it in a way that people relate. And a lot of the people you see on “Get My Mind Around” relate back to that feeling that’s inside the rappers.

What is your message on the last verse?

I think that I really wanted to say something in relation to my mother in the last verse. And by no means am I angry. I don’t hate anybody, and I don’t think anybody in this world is bad, but this is the time that I’m coming out of my shell. I felt like the time was right to express it as far as me

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What do rappers use for beats? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Remarks Sample
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