Who is the youngest rapper alive? – Rock N Learn Addition And Subtraction Rap Full Movies

It’s Kanye West. He’s the only one who has a rap name to show for the amount of time he’s been in the game.

The longest time is by far going in my book. It’s been 11 months. That’s when I started rapping and, as you know, when you’re getting off a drug like that. It’s difficult mentally. I had gone on a lot of shit like taking an Xanax and taking amphetamines to deal with it. I was having a huge mental breakdown at that point. It wasn’t long into recording my first official album when I was like, let’s give it a shot.

What made you decide to make an album while you were still in college?
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I didn’t. I just had to.

How long until you were able to record an album?

Oh man. I think it was pretty much like a year before the first single got released. That was when we started recording. It went a long ways from there.

You came out with three songs on the album. You have the title track, “New Slaves”; the album opener “Fade” and a collaboration with Common and Ty Dolla $ign. What was it about those three songs that made you want to do a full album?

We had kind of a crazy relationship. I used to go to Common’s house when I was in college. He had a tape he’d tape out that we would do all that shit. I’d be like, “Man this beats shit up.” But when we hit like that album, I realized these people were really good. They were on a path. I started getting into production and stuff like that.

“Slaves/New Slaves” was definitely one of your best songs. Why did you go and do a collaboration with Common?

I had been thinking about doing a song with a rapper I liked. Common, for some reason, he’s such a good friend of mine from that day to the day. We worked on several tracks. Common is my favorite rapper now if there was any rhyme of “I Like That,” “I’m The One” or any of his verses. We even put that together in a song called “What Do You Mean?”

We also did “New Slaves” and came out with that. Common is super dope. He used to work with Kendrick Lamar as well so, dude, that’s a shitload of talent

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Who is the youngest rapper alive? – Rock N Learn Addition And Subtraction Rap Full Movies
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