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Young Jeezy was born to former members of the G-Unit back in 2006. His younger brother, 24-year-old Jeezy, recently made a splash at the American Music Awards by winning Best Rap Album. He has also starred in both his father’s and brother’s movies.

Are there any rappers who you can’t wait to watch be signed to major labels?

Rapper Mac Miller, 36, has been making waves with his critically-acclaimed song “Black Beatles,” which received critical praise.

On the surface, the US is in for a rough year; as I have noted before, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this January (as it was planning to when my piece was written).

But that doesn’t mean that the US economy will slow or even stall.

I would suggest that if the markets were right — and the US economy is just too fragile to give our precious fiat currencies too much credit — we would take a long, hard look at this year’s major policy moves.

If the economic headwinds weren’t going to be eased by our new Fed chairman, that might be the best possible time to do so.

If the global markets are wrong about why growth in the US is not as strong as in prior years, it could give US policymakers a great chance to reset our economic course.

The current US economic problems are caused by two things. First, too many good people are working so badly that even their own children are starting to starve, while a new elite makes its way to the top. This elite is highly skilled in its ability to create and manage great wealth. The second problem is an over-accumulation of unproductive debt.

This debt is now accumulating on average at a pace of 5 percent of GDP per year; but it reached 6 percent in the second part of the last decade, a level that the Federal Reserve has tried to put to an end. The result is that the US debt burden is now higher than it was before the financial crisis, despite the fact that our economy is in far worse shape economically than it was at the height of the crisis.

Given this enormous debt burden, how does the Federal Reserve choose when to increase interest rates? Obviously, it cannot cut these rates so low that we reach a “zero lower bound” that would make debt servicing unaffordable. That is exactly the situation we found ourselves in in December 2009, when the Fed was cutting rates to a

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Who is the youngest rapper alive? – Learn Rapid Stemi
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