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He’s Lil B. And no one else can even come close.”

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“This was a huge year for Lil B,” says the Toronto rapper. “For real. All the hype we were getting, it’s because people believed that a 22-year-old rapper from Toronto could be this successful. And I definitely think I’m a part of it. But there’s a reason for the hype and it’s not because we’re a little kid anymore.”

That being said, Lil B and his team of musicians don’t take the attention for granted. While it remains to be seen if he’s even a part of the upcoming album, he has been working on a new project “with all my friends.”

“I have so many projects under my belt,” he tells Rolling Stone magazine. “We’re working on [the album] right now … That’s actually a new project on different artists that have gone to different styles as far as what’s being done musically.”

The first piece of new music from the Lil B and The Eastside Hustlers is being called “Lil B: Takeover” and will be released on December 13th.

The video is being filmed on a $20,000 motorbike, says the Toronto rapper.

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Who is the world’s fastest rapper? – Rap Game Now
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