What word rhymes with Crazy? – Guide To Making Rap Music

I feel so good about this recipe. I used the following ingredients, just a little different than in many other recipes.

I didn’t use the butter and it still came out great.

I used a fresh jalapeño in each. There’s some debate over whether or not to peel the jalapeños in the cooking water. Some folks claim they don’t need to but then they make the “crazy” sauce (which is usually the result of peeling), which I find is an unnecessary added pain in the ass.

I also used the fresh garlic and onion since we had the seasonings in the refrigerator, which was a really nice change from the pre-recipe garlic.

I also made this with corn as the final ingredient and it came out even better than I remembered.

The best part of this recipe is the flavor in just one cup. I don’t know why corn isn’t used in so many of the other recipes I’ve seen, but this one is the exception. I don’t care much for the flavor of corn in most of the other recipes in this roundup, it just didn’t add enough flavor to my family’s meals.

You could also omit all the spices and add it in with the rest of the ingredients, but it will be much more satisfying and you’ll have a more complete meal.

I hope you all have as much success with this recipe for Jalapeño Corn Bread as we have. It’s just such a wonderful recipe that we would serve anytime of day.

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What word rhymes with Crazy? – Guide To Making Rap Music
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