Who is the hardest rapper? – What Does It Mean To Rap On Beat

– Lil Jon

I guess it’s the one and the only. Lil Jon has been my number one guy since I got out of the game. The only thing I don’t do is rhyme. I’m really good at production if I’m being honest with you. But Lil Jon, he makes everybody rap like they got a dick. But it doesn’t matter whether it is Lil Jon or Lil Jon and I’m not gonna say if it’s Lil Jon or Lil Jon, that’s up to him, it’s his decision. You can’t be that kind of rapper.

How could you be on my top 10 list of people to rap with? – Kid Capri

When you’re on my list, you’ve got to be on the top 10 people with the most bars in a song. I’ve been on the list for two decades. This kid Capri, and his partner, just put out the best album ever. I think Kid Capri and Capri have had more good songs out than anyone else, besides me. Capri is just unbelievable. It’s no disrespect to the other guys that are there. But it just shows how good a guy Capri is at making good music, especially when you don’t always have a lot of songs to put out.

Why are most rappers on the cover of Rolling Stone, Vibe, Pitchfork – which most of them are not good? – Nelly

Everybody on ’em. But you gotta remember that Rolling Stone cover is from when that album came out or whatever, and the reason people like ’em is because of me. I was a big part of the ’90s, a big part of them, a big part of the era. I’m always gonna be a part of the ’90s. That’s not to say that we’re all the same, but I want music the same. People wanna go in a different direction. I’ve got a different kind of taste, a different kind of music I want to make.

You mentioned a lot of rappers are taking a different approach. What about rap music? Where does its sound like, like if I wanted the next Nirvana to come from I’d start from there – Paul Wall

That’s the reason that I’m not very good at music, too-or I’m not good at making music at all. I love the sound of hip-hop. I love the music that’s coming up. But I am just not a hip-hop junk

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Who is the hardest rapper? – What Does It Mean To Rap On Beat
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