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The average K-pop radio station airs about 40 tracks a day, and the most popular songs on the station are uploaded on an average of 30 times a minute.

In Korea, the most popular songs include “Gangnam Style,” “Hip Hop Is King” and “Superman.”

If you’re not familiar, Tommie Smith — the lead singer of Southern rock group, The Yardbirds — has been diagnosed with cancer. After months of treatment, all signs point to a long and painful battle.

Now, the band is releasing a new song, “In Loving Memory of Tommie Smith,” which features his former band mate, Joe Scott.

“It’s a song about love, passion, heartache and all things good,” vocalist Michael “Ace” Scott told Rolling Stone in an email. “There’s no bitterness, no sadness in it.”

Tommie Smith made a big name for himself with the Yardbirds as one of the pioneers of the genre’s later decades, and the singer’s fans know how important he was to the group.

The song is a celebration of Smith’s life, while at the same time serving as a tribute to his bandmates. Scott said the band started working on the track after it was “inspired by all the love and devotion and memories we all have left behind.”

“The thing that drew us back were the memories and the feelings and the people that had touched our lives moreso than any other place in the world,” he added. “The Yardbirds are one of those ‘real’ bands and they’re so dear to our hearts. We wanted to say how much that meant to us.”

Smith’s son, Willie, has also been a major part of his life and he said the song could be a reminder that he and his father were, of course, inseparable. The message also goes back to the lyrics from Smith’s song “I Won’t Cry.”

“The song was written in the wake of a very tough time and we never had time to be on our knees,” Willie Smith told Rolling Stone. “But we knew we had that desire. We knew we could do this.”

“I Won’t Cry” was inspired by Smith’s first bout of leukemia and he says that the song was ultimately inspired by the fact that the last thing he was going to sing was the refrain of the song.

“Tommie said that, as someone who is

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Who is Korea’s fastest rapper? – How To Rap Fast
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