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It was 1st. That’s not how the media portrays it.”

On why his rap career is so successful, Jones said that while his father “was very big in the music industry from an early age”, his own music career began with a copy of his father’s first demo cassette that he received by mail (that tape, called How I Met You at the Hotel California is one of the most-loved classics in rap history).

“I actually had a hard time finding any of my older tapes,” Jones revealed. “I always thought I got my tape from some girl with a record player. I would look in the closet and I would never find any. It was such an exciting time for me. It was only when I was around 15 that I heard the original demo. “You know, I didn’t have to think about where I got all these tapes, like, you know, where my tape got from. I never had to go back to check my tape collection. Now I’ve been able to sell my house and make nice money off of that.”

So it’s true that he wasn’t that excited when his dad first started rapping. At the time, he said that’s all his dad ever asked for was a small record deal.

“I mean, he wanted one, a record deal, I didn’t even ask for that,” Jones said. “I was a young kid. My mom still worked.”

Jones’ dad’s influence on the whole industry is enormous, and it’s not hard to see why. Jones said that his dad “always made the kids think they had a real chance to do what they wanted to do. He was big in the music business for a reason.”

Jones also had good reason for making rap. With just a small amount of money he had to work on his album. He said that he had to put in a lot of work in the music industry because there weren’t any other avenues available to him.
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But it wasn’t just an economic reason that helped Jones’ success. His dad was in the business from the beginning by bringing in young talent. Jones said his father was an underground figure and didn’t receive too much love from the mainstream rap scene until he came into his own.

“It was just by accident, or maybe by design, that I got here,” Jones said. “My dad was a young producer who was at times a little out of the way. I didn’t ask for help

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What was the 1st rap song? – Youtube Rock N Learn Multiplication Rap 4’S
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