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One of the most frustrating things to watch during a game of Go is the slow, tedious, and in most cases futile slow motion. The game does not do enough to slow the action down during your turn or in front of the opponent, and if a player is not trying to beat another player quickly, the slow-motion is not enough to make the game more engaging or interesting.

With Go, a slow motion mode will not prevent a player from performing simple but necessary movements, but will make the game more entertaining and even more challenging. We will take a look at the slow motion options in Go in this article.

The basics

Most Go players will have experienced slow motion mode on the internet before, but there are exceptions. Some professional players are fond of their slow motion games, and some users on boardgamegeek make their games more enjoyable when the slow motion is disabled.

There is an obvious advantage for players of a professional or tournament level. While the game may remain more difficult for beginners, the fast pace may be more enjoyable for top level players.

There are several ways to enable this feature for a game. You may run some Go programs in a Virtual Box or on a Mac, or you may use the built-in tool Go_Gmplayer.

In this tutorial, we will look at the easiest way to enable slow motion for Go on Windows.

Download and install Go_Gmplayer for Ubuntu or Debian.

To enable slow motion in Windows, run go_gmplayer as administrator. Choose Go -> Settings -> Game -> Slow motion.

If you don’t see slow motion listed as an option, click “Add” at the top.

Next, select any file or folder that you want to start playback from. Here I am enabling the slow motion and opening the Go.

Finally, click Ok and the slow motion should begin. You can see the files moving around below.
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Why slow motion?

You will notice that the speed fluctuate more slowly than normal during slow motion. If you are unfamiliar with the slow motion system for Go, you can check out this helpful YouTube video by Daniel H. Miller.

Although slow motion is a good alternative to faster, more realistic methods, slower than normal means that the game is more challenging.

The slow motion is important because it is much slower than usual, even allowing players to see the board much more clearly. To achieve this, we want

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What is the homophone for dew? – Learn Rap God Song
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