What do rappers use for beats? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Easyjet

“I’m like a kid that has the coolest ass house, it’s got all the cool shit,” he says. It also sounds like Dilla. “The way I’ve been able to produce is by listening to people.”

Dilla also used the same method to produce those songs you heard on records like “Sunglasses” — by listening to his own demos as young aspiring artists, not by listening to other artists. “When you’re in your 20s, you’re hearing too much of your peers or what their friends are doing,” he says. “You might listen to your own record too much … You’re hearing people who don’t sound real or how they sound. So I’ve had to take an older, more mature approach.”

Dilla started out on the streets in the Bronx, selling records until his brother found him. Then he moved to LA, where he eventually met the crew, Youngbloods. “It’s a lot of different groups over there,” he recalls. “Just like different groups over here. You’ve never heard of the Dilla Brothers? That’s cool. We got our own people, like a little band of our own, called the Shady Records. The Shady Records is the place where you come see Dilla live, but the Shady Records is a band of our own. So we have our own crew.”

Today their label is selling their music to major labels, including Universal Music, Warner Bros, and Columbia.

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What do rappers use for beats? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Easyjet
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