Is Suga fastest rapper in the world? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rap Dance Moves

The answer is none and many! Suga raps over beats by other rappers, including Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky and Rick Ross!

4) What is one of the most popular rappers on Facebook? The answers are as diverse as the different social media. I’d have to say Biggie’s “Liar” and Lil Wayne’s “Get It”.

5) Why does your daughter have such a big heart? Well, she definitely loves animals so she and her cousin have been bringing back animals and dogs. One day I’m thinking of bringing her back a lion, but then I think of her wanting to bring back a tiger, or even a cheetah as well!

6) Who is the funniest rapper you know? Not one of my favorites, but I can definitely say that Lil Wayne’s “Trap Queen” is funny! The people say he’s too good for us and that people don’t like him! That’s what all I’m saying, we hate on him! But I’ll take that as a compliment on his talent.

7) How do you keep yourself safe during the day without spending your whole paycheck on a camera phone? Well I’ve found one simple solution… I go to the store instead… So that when my mom comes home, she doesn’t see my face and instead she sees the big screen camera lens that’s pointed at her!

8) What is one of your greatest passions? Well it’s probably being a mother of a young child and wanting to protect them all so they don’t get hurt. And I’d have to say the love/happiness that I get from watching them grow up is something I’m proud of as well!

9) Who is your favourite rapper? Well Jay-Z definitely! He is just so inspirational and so amazing in person. My mom and I love watching him perform and it makes me feel good because I know he really cares about this child that he’s holding in his arms.

10) Who is your favourite rapper on the road? I’ve said this in the past but I’m going to say it again… J-Lo is just so much fun to listen to!

11) What is one thing that everyone needs to know about you? So many people don’t really know me. I’m a pretty shy person so even from a social media standpoint, I’m a pretty secretive person! I don’t really have much to say to most people. I just want to

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Is Suga fastest rapper in the world? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rap Dance Moves
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