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 That is a pretty good guess)
When you’re in a bar with this kind of energy, you might actually think you’re drunk and start dancing around and generally being a bit ridiculous. No, not funny. You’re definitely not stupid. 
I can’t guarantee that you will see the same person every time you make these kinds of decisions. You may have someone that sticks out (to me at least), and it’s your pleasure to see someone out of the norm and out of their regular routine. 
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So what do you do after you make these kinds of decisions? Well, there’s usually a second part that involves the following steps…
1. Make a list.
2. Make more lists.
3. Make a lot more lists.
Well, I’m just going to list some stuff here… And in this case, the other 2 steps are more applicable to the first list… 
1. Make a list of things which you want and want the people at the table to do.
2. Have a second list which is exactly the opposite of this one. 
I think it’s a good idea to be able to see the relationship between the different lists you’ve made. It could be useful to see what’s been added in the most recent list, or some other piece of information. 
It’s important to do this with people you meet so they are more aware what they are looking for. 
4. Have a third list with the things that aren’t on the list and what you don’t want them to do. 
So let’s say each person has a list of things that they won’t do, but the other two lists still have their place. Let’s say you think you’ll see 2, but one person has 2, and the other person has 2. 
It could be useful to have more than one list with different categories. For example, there could be things that you’re not looking forward to. But it could also be a bunch of interesting stuff. 
You may not like the result, but you had a pretty good idea of what you were looking for, now it’s just about matching these things with what your table sees. 
5. Write a little code that determines which two lists you would like them to do.
6. Ask them.
7. Make a plan.
This is the part where you take your first big step towards making your dreams come true. 
Step 7: Make the

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What word rhymes with pretty? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Rapids
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