How do you rhyme? – The 1 Fundamental To Rapping Cole Mize

I got your hands on my favorite thing in the world.

I DESTROY Him in a RAP BATTLE Then THIS Happens ...
Your favorite thing is to dance.

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Michele Bachmann is making another name for herself as the political lightning rod of the anti-government Tea Party movement and the national security community.

In an interview with CBS News’ Charlie Rose, the Minnesota congresswoman said she opposes an effort in Congress to stop Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons in his recent offensive against Syria’s rebels – even though she supported President George W. Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein, an Iraq-born dictator who was believed to have weapons of mass destruction.

“If, if they want to have weapons of mass destruction and the President of the United States is not going to go to the United Nations and say they’ve got WMDs on our hands, then the administration can’t act without me because I will not cooperate with them,” Bachmann said during the interview.

“And of course, the president knows that. Why did the president take that country to war the first time around? He was afraid of the people. And I don’t think he should be doing it again.” Bachmann, a 2012 congressman, made her comments during an interview taped Thursday morning before she was set to speak to a group of Tea Party activists in her home state.

Bachmann, who’s now considered a serious contender for a 2016 presidential run, has become a poster child for Republicans who believe President Barack Obama and other administration officials do not speak for the country or the American people.

Bachmann’s comments raise the specter of a GOP Party splintered by anti-government zealots. Bachmann, an outspoken Tea Party favorite, was widely expected to be the 2012 GOP nominee for governor of Minnesota. She is now considered a serious threat to that nomination, after she made news earlier this week for saying: “When we’re talking about people coming in over who are coming in under a certain category, you don’t need a visa. You don’t need a visa to come to America.”

HALIFAX — Canadians are still struggling to recover from the aftermath of the 2015 Fort McMurray wildfires, with half the population still living with the aftermath today.

The federal government’s latest unemployment survey, released Friday, shows the unemployment rate peaked at 8.9 per cent after the fire while the number who have searched for work fell below 2.5 million

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How do you rhyme? – The 1 Fundamental To Rapping Cole Mize
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