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Say “hello.” And then say, “I need a quick answer” because Siri knows the answer to most of your questions. To get a quick “wake name on Siri” (that’s “wake name on Siri” without the ‘o’), just say “wake name on Siri” and it will give you one.

It may take a few times to get the phrase, but once you do, Siri is smart enough to know the answer to most of your questions. Say, “hello, Siri!” and it will ask you if you need an address or a name. If you say “hello, Siri!” and it knows the word you mean, it can answer the question you’re asking it.

The Google Home Mini will have the voice recognition built-in, but Siri won’t work from most WiFi networks. So, if you’re travelling in Europe, you’ll probably want to use the Apple Carplay system to access Siri. However, there’s a way that even if you have an iPhone 6 that has a hotspot built-in, you can access Siri on your car’s system without having to leave your phone charger.

You can also, of course, use Google Now, but don’t expect the same voice recognition as on the iPhone.

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Can you talk to Siri? – Rap? – Quora
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