How do you rap on an iPhone? – Rap Classes Nyc

Lambert: It’s not like you do it in a vacuum. At home you’re writing out. You’re going over to the piano and putting notes on the screen. But rap’s more of the same – I really try and let my music flow, so you don’t really hear me rapping over other people’s music.

Do you have any lyrics that you’re trying out that no one’s heard?

Lambert: I’m currently working on the lyrics for a song called “A New York City”, which is about an ex. It’s a character that doesn’t come into the story very often. I’m looking for someone who thinks a lot about it. I’m trying to figure out who that person is, what they’re doing, and how they got to where they are and so on. I want to know what happens to them, and so on.

Is there a specific story in there that you want to tell or is it going to be a bit of an ensemble piece?

Lambert: I don’t have a specific storyline. There’s not like a movie plot that you’re hoping for in there – I want it to just feel real and feel human. I think in the same way the character in the movie does a lot of things that don’t make absolutely sense. I want it to feel like they’re trying to come together and I want them not to quite realize that they’re coming together and just trying to figure it out. If someone doesn’t understand how they’re working together in that scene, it doesn’t happen because everything’s still going on in the background and all things are still going on.

Is it safe to say that you would have a different album after this if the project goes on to the public?

Lambert: I’ll be the first one to tell you I’m not a man. I’m a writer. I have to work. That’s the only way I can get work done. If my album is a failure, like it was last time, I’ll still be doing work, but not necessarily writing.
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That’s a lot of work, but you’ve got the studio space, the money, and everything in place to do another album. Will you take another pass and make it like you did with that first one?

Lambert: I’m working more on sound. I’m working more on beats and arranging, and more as a producer, doing things, being creative

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How do you rap on an iPhone? – Rap Classes Nyc
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