What’s the easiest guitar to play? – Must Learn Guitar Songs Tutorials

A little bit of everything. I like to keep things simple when it comes to practicing. If it’s a jam, a few riff ideas are great, but I’m the type that really enjoys trying new things.

You’re from a small town called Moline, Illinois, and you started out playing in a very small town band. What motivated you to change your musical direction?

I’ve never been to a lot of big cities, and I loved playing small towns to my friends. There’s an atmosphere that I think you get when you play small town guitar. People care more about this stuff in the small towns because they just don’t have the money to travel the way I do and play big cities (laughs).

Do you get your ideas from the big cities?

I just listen to things. I don’t think about a lot of stuff before we play. If I hear a guitar with great tone and I’m excited about it, I think I’ll try it out. If I hear it after playing it a few times, I think about what it might sound like if it had a different tone at first. I probably won’t even play it unless all the other songs are very good.

What’s your favorite guitar tuner?

I’m not the greatest player at it. That’s like being better at playing chess than playing chess. My favorite is probably a small-size string set, because they come off a Strat. It’s less work just getting it on and off the strings.

Did you ever have a dream of playing music?

No, though I did spend a long time thinking that. I didn’t think that it would ever come to pass, that I would ever get anything of note. I didn’t go into music thinking I’d ever be a great guitar player. I’ve never had any big dreams, though.

Do you ever think about what your fans would want to see you do? Have you heard anything that inspires you?

No, no. But I read articles all the time that people are always asking me if they can go see me play in a large venue. That always brings a smile to my face. Then I think, “Wow, it would probably take a good month to write all the words, though, so I guess it wouldn’t be very interesting. But I think I’d be very happy.” I don’t know if it’s the same thing with fans. I’d love to hear what

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What’s the easiest guitar to play? – Must Learn Guitar Songs Tutorials
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