What should I learn first on guitar? – Best Free Guitar Lessons Online Beginners

Before beginning any “lame, useless” lesson, read the FAQ, the List of Topics (the link is at the end of the page), and most all of the FAQ pages! They help you understand more of the “stuff” that goes on with your guitar. Once you have some basic knowledge of the material in the pages, you’ll enjoy many more lessons that fit your style.

I like to learn in private, but that’s a pain in the ass. Do I need to pay a monthly fee or monthly subscription to your lessons?

No. We are all volunteers who teach the material, not just pay our way though. There is an unlimited number of lessons on all of the major scales and arpeggios that can be learned in a day! You may choose to add them to the daily lesson schedule by checking the “Lick List” at the bottom of the page.

How many days per month can I sign up for lessons?

Each lesson is on a schedule and is different from day to day. We try to give you a good general idea of an average. If you see a lesson that takes a few days, ask us and we’ll try to make it up. (There’s only one of each lesson!)

Why should I sign up for lessons?

We are a group of students who enjoy learning a variety of scales and exercises, and enjoy teaching others about them. We strive to make every one of our lessons as complete and interesting as possible!

Where can I access your lessons?

We teach all our lessons directly from our home studio within a 10 mile radius from our home, and we can be found on Twitter and Facebook (you will need to log in to each account to use the links), as well as by calling our studio hours.

How can I help out and what makes our lessons better?

Help us teach, share, and spread the word about our guitar lessons, and get yourself signed up for an hour or two! We appreciate any and all support, and would be happy to discuss how you can help with our school, in any way you can think of!

I’m in middle school and want to learn guitar. How do I become a volunteer teacher?

I would be happy to teach to anyone (in public schools and on campuses and in private homes) – students as young as 7 years old. Please join us for a day at our studio, or email us and we

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What should I learn first on guitar? – Best Free Guitar Lessons Online Beginners
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