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The easiest song? For sure. Guitar! Even if all the other things can make the song, it’s really easy to just get down there and play it and go. When you go on tour, there’s always a song or two that you have to leave off. But for sure the guitar is the one song that’s hard to leave off.

What can you tell us about your upcoming gigs?

I’m playing with my wife on a new song right now, ‘Fairytale’…and it’ll be coming out in the fall. We’re playing at the Fillmore South and doing a couple of things with [proto-Pavement vocalist] Tim Hecker, playing a bunch of songs…and I’m playing with a band called Tusk during a three-day tour in Florida…And it’s a little bit of everything, but my band is really good – and our audience is super stoked on the new stuff.

And I’ve got some live stuff going on, too. Right now I’m on tour with a band called Bully [Guitar] and we play at Rotten Skull in Oakland. It’s like a punk rock show where we play songs with the old, punk rock style – but with the guitar and drums. It’s a fun way to make a live show.

Who is your favorite singer?

I love the fact that people can hear me and see a guitar. I like the fact that I see myself in a guitar. If I’m really good, I like to really stand-up and sing and play. I want to be great, so I try to be loud and not scream and not do something. Even if people don’t know me, I want them to notice, “Hey, I was listening to this!”

How often have you been to a record store?

Never. I’ve got this habit of always finding records when I go. I’ve tried going to the record stores, but I’ve only ever been to a couple of record stores in the last couple of years. I can’t remember how many.

What else are you into?

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I like the old guys too. There was this guy named Joe Walsh who played keyboards in the early rock bands. He was crazy, like in the ’60s! And then there was this guy named Paul Westerberg who was sort of the original folk guy that had this kind of country kind of thing, and I got along with

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What is the easiest song on guitar? – Learn Guitar App
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