How can I learn guitar chords?

You can actually learn chords quickly with a variety of exercises and videos on youtube if you have a youtube channel.

For more guitar chord videos and exercises, check out my blog at The Guitar Player’s Academy.

Do any of your chords have an easy to read tab?

Yes, there are some free tabs to download on my main page.

Do any of your chords have a hard to read tab?

No, the tabs for all the chords that come with the download are really easy to read.

How can I build a chord solo in only 1-4 weeks?

I’ve written a comprehensive chord song form tutorial on my YouTube page.

Can you write chord lyrics so I can understand them in real time?

Yes, just visit my YouTube page of my free guitar chord lyrics and listen to my lessons.

What songs do you use to learn these chords?

My free guitar chords on YouTube channel are always updated with all the new songs that I come across on YouTube. The songs include:


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How can I learn guitar chords?
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