What is the best way to learn guitar? – Easy Way To Learn Guitar Scales

My dad used to say, “Learn how to play the way you are born to play.”

That really helped, but it wasn’t until about 12 years ago that my girlfriend, Lola, and I had our own little band, and we decided to go on tour. The idea was to go out and play at a really nice venue, like a house show, and then when we are done we go and drink.

That was very, very hard.

It was so hard…

It wasn’t


It took a lot of work.
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At that point, I realized that this is not like how I came up in the world, and if there’s a shortcut to getting better at music, I was going to go out, and see if there is an angle.

I started with YouTube videos. I looked for videos of guitarists who are better than I am, and that was it. I started watching all the other bands who I liked, the ones I liked were going to show up in my local band’s videos.

I started finding out about how good they were on the guitar, and I started watching them more, and it seemed like they wanted to play the guitar more than me…

This was not the case at all.

That was where I needed to learn how to play the guitar better, when I was playing. So that’s when I started getting into YouTube, and what YouTube has really allowed me to do is just take music online that I have liked a million times before, and make it really easy and fun to watch.

And I found some amazing people.

Watch a video and you’ll get a good guitar player that can teach you so much about playing and making music. People who can teach you how to play an electric guitar, how to hold your finger, how to make sure that your thumb isn’t pulling the strings, how to really get to the core of what the guitarist is doing. That’s what I love about YouTube.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done?

You know, one thing that is amazing about YouTube, which I never understood until I looked it up first, is it allows you to just kind of take any single song, and I have no idea how, and then you put it on YouTube, and you get hundreds of people who are telling you, “Yeah, this is a great song.”

If you like an song

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What is the best way to learn guitar? – Easy Way To Learn Guitar Scales
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