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Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton) Easy Guitar Cover Lesson ...

All we have to do is learn a song and start playing it once you’ve written it down. A song that you write once and play it, you can learn from that song. The difference between a very hard song and a super easy song is learning how to play the song, like playing the melody by ear and then changing just one note to make it sound different.

You’ve been able to get your first job playing on an instrument. Can you tell us about your journey from beginning to end and what lessons you learned?

It was not easy at all. I have been playing guitar for about 10 years and I never thought of myself as someone who could pick up a new instrument quickly. I thought it was easier than learning chords and picking up notes so I had to do some homework to understand how to string my own instrument and learn how to play scales and arpeggios. Now I know how to play every note of every song and what it takes to be a good musician. I started playing guitar because I couldn’t play the chords in my head and I knew it took 10 years to change that. I went away from playing in high school to go to college at age 22 until an accident prevented me from further learning until I reached my 20s. Now I have an instrument I can play everyday.

We all have dreams. What’s the most important lesson you learned in pursuing your music career?

It’s finding a mentor who you trust. Without your music teacher, you would have no understanding of how to build a career. I’ve had four good mentors over the years.

I have a lot to say about the guitar, but first it needs to be understood that it’s not one instrument. You can learn to play an acoustic guitar as well or you can learn to play a banjo. I feel it’s only correct that I use the term “electric” because the guitar has become a single instrument. You learn about music by reading music or by watching music. In reality, you’re learning music by being in a song because the artist tells you about how he or she made the song.

Why do you think guitar music has made more progress?

The way that guitar music has evolved is due to technological advances which have made us a “multimedia world.” Digital technology, as well as music and radio have advanced to the point where we don’t ever have to do anything but listen to our music.

We use our brain like it was a

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What is an easy song to learn on guitar? – Learn Free Guitar Lessons Online
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